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Round-Trip Service Rates

Below we explain the base* cost of Round-Trip Services and provide a few examples.


(*base cost is for up to 3 adults. All potential surcharges for driver waiting due to heavy traffic at special events are discussed and included below. Please see Terms & Conditions Page for any other surcharges that might apply)

Regular* Round-Trip Travel & No Waiting

(Regular* does not involve heavy traffic venues, e.g., special events such as sporting & concerts)

If Round-Trip Travel is scheduled as separate individual legs (i.e., where there is 1.5 hours or more between drop-offs and pick-ups and no requested driver waiting) then no special surcharges apply and the rates for each leg are the same as Point-to-Point Travel. To see these rates access the link just below. 

Regular* Round-Trip without Waiting

Regular* Round-Trip Travel & Waiting

(Regular* does not involve heavy traffic venues, e.g., special events such as sporting & concerts)

If Round-Trip Travel is: (1) scheduled as one combined trip with driver waiting, or (2) there is less than 1.5 hours between a drop-off and the pick-up; then waiting-time surcharge are applied. For this type of service the total rate is the sum of the normal charges for each individual Point-to-Point Travel leg, plus $50 per hour for the sum of all the wait times. For Case (2) above the waiting-time equals the time between the drop-off and pick-up. To determine the total rate just use the link and formula below.

Regular* Round-Trip with Waiting

+ $50 X (# of Waiting Hours)

Round-Trip Travel to Special Events*

(*Special Events such as sporting & concerts that involve significant levels of expected traffic. Estimates given below are for a typical attendance at the selected venue, so rates might be slightly higher or lower.)

If Round-Trip Travel involves transportation to/from Special Events where there is a high expectation of heavy traffic (such as sporting venues and concerts) then special rates and/or surcharges are applied. The examples given below are representative of the available options and associated rate charges for this type of Round-Trip service. As shown, one has the option to only schedule travel to, or travel from, a Special Event. Hence, rates are given for each of the individual legs, and a rate is also available for the full Round-Trip package. Note that confirmed reservations will be charged for all prearranged hours unless the service-request is modified or cancelled 24 hours before the scheduled start-time. 

Service to/from Special Events for some Example Triangle Area Locations

Pick-Up Location


Raleigh Marriott City Center


The Umpstead Hotel, Cary


MacGregor Downs, Cary


Bedford, Raleigh


Preston Lakestone, Cary


Brier Creek, Raleigh 

Special Event Location


Walnut Creek Amplitheater


Raleigh Memorial Auditorium


PNC Arena, Raleigh


Kenan Stadium, Chapel Hill


Cameron Indoor Stadium


Koka Booth Amphitheatre


Rate to* Event













Rate from** Event













Round-Trip*** Rate













* Note that these Rate to Event examples assume an early arrival ( >30 minutes). 


** Note that the Rate from a Special Event examples include a surcharge to cover a required wait-time associated with an early entry (~1/2 hour or less) into the facility parking area to ensure that the vehicle is there at the scheduled pick-up time.


*** Note that the full Round-Trip rate is discounted by ~10% in comparison to the sum total of the two independent legs.

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