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Hourly-Charter Service Rates

Below we provide a few examples to show the base* cost of our Hourly-Charter Transportation Services.


(*base cost is for up to 4 adults. Note there is a one-hour minimum on charters. Please see Terms & Conditions Page for any surcharges that might apply)

Hourly-Charter service starts at a 1-hour minimum and can be scheduled in 1/2 hour increments thereafter (e.g., 1.5 hours). The basic charge for all Hourly-Charter service is calculated at $75 per hour with this rate being applied over the total time-period for the scheduled service.


Regular Hourly-Charters (which excludes Airport Meet-&-Greets that are discussed just below) begin at the prearranged start-time, which is the time of the first pick-up unless specified otherwise. Confirmed Hourly-Charters will be charged for all prearranged hours unless the service-request is modified or cancelled 24 hours before the scheduled start-time. Surcharges for traveling to the point-of-origin of the charter and/or returning from the final-destination of the charter will be applied ONLY IF the required distance/time travel of either from downtown Raleigh is greater than 10 miles/12 minutes. Note that any such travel surcharges will be based on our Point-to-Point rates, and they will be included in the total of the estimate quoted to you.


Airport Meet-&-Greets are a special case of an Hourly-Charter in that only 1-hour is charged for the travel to the RDU airport, the waiting at the airport, the greeting of the traveler(s), and the assistance with gathering the luggage at baggage claim. A surcharge will be added for the travel from the RDU airport to the final destination ONLY IF the distance/time travel exceeds 20 miles/24minutes. For other airports both inside and outside the Triangle Area, surcharges may also be applied for travel to the pick-up point. Note that any such travel surcharges will be based on our Point-to-Point rate, and they will be included in the total of the estimate quoted to you.


Examples for some Hourly-Charters within the Triangle Area are given below.





Sheraton Raleigh Hotel


White Oak Forest, Raleigh


Greenview Bluffs,

Swift Creek

Hourly-Charter Type


RDU Meet-&-Greet


Wedding Shuttle


Prom Transport 


Nightclubbing Trip

to Glenwood South




Hyatt House, North Hills


HBBC, Five Points


Ravenscroft School


Greenview Bluffs,

Swift Creek



1 @ $75


1 @ $75


1 @ $75


2 @ $150










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